Our History

Winton Place Baptist Church, began in 1952 as the result of a burden upon the heart of  Bro. Howard Meece. After much time in prayer before the Lord, the Highland Avenue Baptist Church granted authority to start a New Testament Church in Winton Place community. After  a decade and half of fruitful ministry urban flight surfaced in the late 60’s and many members moved to more rural areas outside the city. The church struggled for the next decade or so with several pastors. Fast forward to 1986,  the church called Joe Head to become their next pastor.  Pastor Head brought a vision to begin to rebuild the church with the few remaining members.

By God’s grace the church has had a fruitful, growing ministry theses last 34 years with a good number of families being called to the ministry, trained and sent out to minister in other areas, both in the states and on the foreign field.  In 1986 the Winton Place Baptist Academy was opened with an enrollment of 47 students in grades K thru 12th.  Today the academy  continues to serve as  a ministry of Winton Place Baptist Church. The Academy has an enrollment open to the membership of the church and those who share in our ministry goals. The “Eagle” was chosen to represent the spirit of the Academy because it represents victory  in the Christian’s walk. We are grateful to have the academy serve as an integral part of the ministry. Our school staff serves with a heart for the advancement of our-students and  assistance of our parents.

Our heart & soul is to connect people with the living & powerful God